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Hulk: More Cross Overing?

Something that I’ve harped on about for a while now is the fact that Marvel has taken control over the way that their intellectual property is adapted to film (particularly since the five and a quarter million dollar credit arrangement was secured between Marvel Studios and Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.), and how this will […]

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Marvel: Who the hell is Deadpool?

To some degree X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE has me more excited than all three previous X-Men movies managed; particularly because Logan, in my mind, is probably the most interesting of all the X-Men. But the film isn’t scheduled for release until May next year and while it has begun filming there is still a lot that […]

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Superheroes: Who’s Fantastic?

While watching Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer the other day it was finally solidified for me why it is that I find that particular team of Superheroes so… well, lame. It’s their powers! With the exception of Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) the others are hardly capable of standing on their own. Now, […]

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