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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #18

The team decided to take a break from film this week, which of course means that Fiona went right to the cinema and saw Julia’s Eyes. Elroy and Matt however followed the rules and focused on television shows that they wanted to catch up on, which was the topic for this week: What we’re watching […]

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Remote Viewing: Episode 03

Well, it was touch and go there for a little while! At some unfathomable hour of Wednesday morning I was working away on this episode when the harddrive that I have set aside for Remote Viewing (and another animated project that a select few have seen), decided to fail. Now, when I say ‘fail’, I […]

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Movie: The Orphanage

In a recent post I once revealed my aversion to movies which deal with viruses. Well, if virus movies are the number one thing on my heeby-jeeby list, then they’re followed extremely closely by movies that feature creepy kids… especially dead ones. They’re bad enough when they’re alive, with their tiny — and more often […]

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