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Horror: The Silent House

I don’t profess to be as hard as nails in any respect, so when I say that horror movies don’t scare me I’m not trying to sound all badass. The fact is that I enjoy the hell out of a good horror movie. The closer I get to the edge of my seat the more […]

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Sporror: King of the Hill

Not to be confused with the animated series, or the 1993 Steven Soderbergh film…. or the various other features and shorts to have used the same name, this KING OF THE HILL is a Spanish horror-action-thriller — Sporror? Spaction? Spriller? — with a minimal cast. Originally titled ‘El Rey de la montaña’, King of the […]

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Sporror: [REC]

As I discovered last month, Japanese horror movies (aka J-Horror) are beginning to get a run for their money from the movies of a similar genre coming out of Spain (or Sporror movies, as I’ve decided they should be called!). After the brilliance of The Orphanage though, I was seriously doubting that I’d be as […]

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