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Series: Titan Maximum

There are very few advantages to having pretty much sucked at everything I’ve tried to do in my life, but at least I’ve avoided ever having to face that most daunting of things: The follow up [whatever]. Lets face it, when you’re a nobody no body expects the next thing you do to be brilliant. […]

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DVD: Robot Chicken Season 03

Like just about everything that falls under the Adult Swim banner, I wouldn’t suggest that you introduce yourself to ROBOT CHICKEN by slapping down your hard earned cash and buying this (or any other) DVD. Instead, my suggestion would be to check out a few episodes first. However, if you’re a fan, and even if […]

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Robot Chicken: Star Wars DVD

Having grown up during the time before the STAR WARS franchise dissolved into one of the most atrocious, half-assed, soulless, creatively devoid, childhood memory-raping, merchandise driven, money making exercises ever witnessed by mankind, the more astute of you may have picked up upon the hint of bitterness which creeps into my posts, whenever the subject […]

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