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Blu-Ray: Monsters

Invariably when you talk about MONSTERS other films will be mentioned: Cloverfield, Godzilla, The Mist. And you’d be forgiven for making the comparisons too, but what sets this film apart from the usual giant monster fare is that the creatures in this feature aren’t making their initial appearance on the city skyline. They aren’t being […]

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Blu-Ray: The 5th Element

Stuff sneaks up on you. Like, while watching THE FIFTH ELEMENT blu-ray I realised that I’ve quietly stopped revisiting the movies that I love. When I was a kid I’d watch the same movie over and over again. It was like I was trying to perform some strange repetition experiment. Honestly, if you made prisoners […]

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DVD: Skyland Season1 Part1

Often when I sit down to review a DVD I’m already well aquatinted with the material: In the case of something like My Name is Earl or Stargate Atlantis, I’m sitting through episodes that I’ve already seen (Yes, I really do re-watch an entire season of a show before reviewing the DVD). However, this is […]

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