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EOL: Voight-Kampff

My latest check up with the eye surgeon was this morning. For the most part the grafts have healed about as well as can be expected. And the anticipation was that today we’d begin the process of removing the remaining dozen or so sutures from my left eye. Of course, I’ve had this conversation with […]

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Ouch: There’s nothing in my eye… Anymore!

Back in May 2007, along with a new cornea, I had 16 stitches sown into my right eye. This morning, some 29 months later, I had the remaining 12 removed. For my right eye at least, the process is almost complete (the left has 16 stitches still… oh, and a cornea). The removal of the […]

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EOL: 29 stitches (update)

Not completely with it at the movement, so if this post makes any kind of sense at all then it’s purely an accident… much like when any post here at EOL makes some kind of sense, I guess. As some of you know, I had my second (left) cornea transplant on Monday, and I’m happy […]

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