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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #02

Episode 2 is here just to spite all those people who said it’d never last! Fiona talks about 127 hours, lets fly with her opinion of Sanctum and Elroy’s been watching some utter garbage. To celebrate Valentines day the team talk about their favourite Romantic movies — with a little help from some twitter friends […]

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Logans Run: No Singer for You

Two bits of news that made me smile today: Firstly I had my second follow up with the eye surgeon this morning and he’s extremely happy with the progress that my eye is making. The vision is starting to reach a point where it rivals the former ability of my eye; given that it has […]

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Logan’s Run: Blink Blink Blink

With all the focus being fixed firmly on Brian Singer’s latest resume entry it kind of slipped through the cracks that Singer suggested one of his other pet projects may have ended up shelved or, even worse, handed off to another director. Singer has been enthusiastic about Logan’s Run for seemingly as long as the […]

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