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EOL: Survive the fall of mankind

Despite all the work I do associated with video games I seldom get the time to actually play them. Hell, I don’t even own a current gen’ console and the PC that sits under my desk has hardly seen any use in the two and a bit years that it’s been sitting there (so, by […]

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iDEF08: DLS/eGames wrap-up

After three years of being involved with, initially eGames, now iDEF there’s at least one thing that I’ve learnt that I feel I can confidently pass on: If you want to go to an event like iDEF and spend as much time as humanly possible actually at the venue and yet still manage to see […]

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iDEF: DLS and eGames Day 2

I have no justifiable reason for being so, but I’m in so much pain right now that even typing this hurts — like even more than actually reading the stuff that I usually type does. There’s something about being on the floor of an event like the eGames expo or the Digital Lifestyle Show (as […]

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