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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #27

For the second week in a row Fiona and Elroy climb into Zak’s bell tower, high above the Palace Westgarth cinema in Northcote. Amidst the wafting smell of popcorn and an assortment of mystery crates the team discuss Final Destination 5, Zak give us a preview of Contamination, and Elroy finally finds the time to […]

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Series: Drop the Pilot

The last couple of weeks have been a TV nerd’s wet dream. Television networks have finally woken up to the notion that they can create buzz by letting copies of the pilots of their new season shows find their way onto the net so that people just like me, make posts just like this. I […]

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Ghost Rider: Cage is a Dork

Let me start out by saying this: I don’t dislike Nicolas Cage, I think he’s a fine… no, fantastic actor. In the right role he can be captivating and utterly convincing. His performances in Birdy, Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas, and Adaptation were among a few of his film choices that have demonstrated the great […]

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