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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #89

On episode 89 we celebrate future day, even though it’s now in the past, but we’ll blame that on the technical issues that plagued the post production of this show – While we’re on that subject, huge apologies for the random static which occurs during this episode. But looking (back) to the future, we talk […]

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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #80

This episode was almost as epic and chaotic to create as the movie we discuss the most on it is (Mad Max: Fury Road). We rescheduled and rejiggered until we finally cobbled together something of a jig saw puzzle of an episode for our 80th outing! Fiona gets to gush about Mad Max (and ‘It […]

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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #73

In this episode Anna and Elroy welcome Tim to the show. Tim has spent almost every waking moment of the last two weeks running from cinema to cinema watching movie after movie as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival. Anna had her own Robin Williams Film Festival (the content of which Elroy and Tim […]

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