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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #75

This episodes sees the return of Leena and the first time appearance of her former Tech Talk pal, turned documentary film maker and train boffin, Ron. They talk all things Gone Girl, and What we do in the shadows, as well as catch up on a bunch of catch up TV. Ron talks about trains […]

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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #66

Better late than never, as they say! Episode 66 is a little bit late and a little bit special. For the last few months Fiona has been banging on about ‘The Fiona Show’ so that’s kinda what this episode is. Elroy steps away from the mic and hands the hosting role over to Fi, and […]

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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #52

While this is our first ‘book club’ episode we still manage to spend a little bit of time talking films: Brett and Elroy give their (somewhat opposing) views on the last of the ‘Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy’ movie, The World’s End. Elroy also made it to the cinema to see the latest sci-fi blockbuster, Elysium! […]

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