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Series: Frisky Dingo Season 2

At the final episode of season 1 things seem to have been pretty much wrapped up for the series FRISKY DINGO. Well, as wrapped up as something with an absurd plot and bizarre characters — like a guy who mutates into a giant crab — could get! Actually, no! That’s not quite true! I think […]

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Remote Viewing: Episode 04

Just a quick post to accompany this Remote Viewing episode release as I’m about to fall in a heap, right here on the keyboard… and given how unhygienic people say keyboards are, I don’t think that’s something that I want to do. It’s an all DVD outing this time with REC (which is actually currently […]

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DVD: Frisky Dingo Season 1

There’s very little left for super-heroes Awesome-X and the Xtacles to do, once they’ve defeated every super-villain in the city, so head of the company board, Stan, makes plans for Xander Crews to retire his alter-ego (Awesome-X) and begin learning to run the multi-billion dollar company that bears his name. Xander has other plans however, […]

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