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Thriller: Dead in 3 Days

Not knowing what to expect from a movie is always the best place to start, in my opinion, because without any preconceived idea about what you’re going to watch, then it’s pretty hard to be disappointed. The reality is that you can never really have ‘no idea’ of what you’re going to watch, unless someone […]

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Thriller: Jar City

With the absolute glut of lame crime-dramas clogging up television schedules these days, it’s hard to imagine anyone pulling off a decent crime-thriller. It’s even harder to imagine someone managing to create a film that not only surpasses all the crap on TV, but actually gets pretty damn close to the likes of SE7EN. What’s […]

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Horror: 13 Game of Death

This intense horror / thriller from Thailand really surprised me. Despite the absurdity of the plot, which revolves around an online ‘reality’ game which must be something of a logistical nightmare to pull off, 13 GAME OF DEATH is actually a very entertaining, albeit stomach churning, movie. Pusit finds himself at the end of his […]

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