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Lost: Superman vs The Flash

Believe it or not, but there are still some things out there that are even too nerdy for me. The whole ‘examine every friggin thing on the screen during an episode of LOST in search of a hidden meaning’ thing being one of them. However in the last episode of LOST there was a certain […]

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Movie: No Justice Without Bruce

Trying to keep up with casting and greenlight rumours on the internet now-days is like jumping into a washing machine and trying to write on a grain of rice with a marker when the thing hits the rinse cycle: Sure the suds are refreshing, but all you really end up with is a concussion and […]

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Blade: Spike Series Sans Snipes

The idea of a Blade television series has been floating around for a while. Last I’d heard it was full steam ahead and, aside from the total absence of Wesley Snipes, very little information was available. Well, it seems that the progress has gone much further than I’d anticipated and Blade: The Series is set […]

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