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iDEF08: DLS/eGames wrap-up

After three years of being involved with, initially eGames, now iDEF there’s at least one thing that I’ve learnt that I feel I can confidently pass on: If you want to go to an event like iDEF and spend as much time as humanly possible actually at the venue and yet still manage to see […]

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iDEF: DLS and eGames Day 2

I have no justifiable reason for being so, but I’m in so much pain right now that even typing this hurts — like even more than actually reading the stuff that I usually type does. There’s something about being on the floor of an event like the eGames expo or the Digital Lifestyle Show (as […]

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iDEF: Ready for launch

Posting live from the eGames expo and Digital Lifestyle Show! This week has been insanely busy with all that’s been required to get ready for the elroyonline booth at the eGames expo and Digital Lifestyle show. Buzzmoo and his hair arrived yesterday, as did Furious, his posse. We’ve got most of the stand ready – […]

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