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Movie: Who the Hell is Green Lantern?

Green Lantern is one of those comic book characters that I’m familiar with but can’t say that I’ve been a huge fan of. That’s not to say that I have some kind of grudge against the guy, he doesn’t owe me money or anything, — not like that tight-arse, Aquaman — it’s just that he’s […]

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Batman: The Dark Knight

Usually, when a movie gets as much press as The Dark Knight has, I have to think really hard about whether or not I really feel the need to add ‘yet another’ random voice to the din being created in the press, on blogs, and on websites everywhere. Basically, if I get sick of hearing […]

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Blade: Spike Series Sans Snipes

The idea of a Blade television series has been floating around for a while. Last I’d heard it was full steam ahead and, aside from the total absence of Wesley Snipes, very little information was available. Well, it seems that the progress has gone much further than I’d anticipated and Blade: The Series is set […]

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