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B-Movie: G.I.Samurai

When it comes to time-travel movies, I usually like them best when they make an effort to include the method or some kind of reasoning behind why or how the story’s protagonists end up stampeding about outside the boundaries of linear time. If I was hoping for any of that in G.I.SAMURAI, then disappoint awaited. […]

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B-Movie: Komodo vs. Cobra

Pigeon holes like ‘Straight to DVD’ and ‘Made for TV’ tend to give movies a bad name. Lets be completely fair, not all films that end up going straight to DVD suck, and not all ‘Made for TV’ movies make you wish that you didn’t own a TV at all. Sure, the going can be […]

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B-movie: Time Quest

Of the people who still actually bother visiting a physical DVD rental store, I’m probably one of the few who makes a b-line for the bargain bin and ex-rental shelves. Call it the allure of b-grade action movie, c-grade sci-fi and z-grade horror, but I just can’t help myself when it comes to junk food […]

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