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Archive 1

• Why does Maya tell me the objects name is not unique?
• I rolled a 6 and cast mordenkaidens sword, yet some moron with a +4 mace thought he could beat me, and said he did – what should i do?
• In windows… do you change your file associations?….any help would be greatly appreciated

Archive 2
• Well I was washing the other day and I had a glass that I accidently put into this other MUG!
• Where do babies come from?
• I have heard you have something like the famous "Dear Manboy" Furman Machine thingy… except shit

Archive 3
• how do i make a tractor, beam?
• Dear Idiots, I live in an apartment with, among others, a guy who has a glass eye.
• what do you do when your gf is like all, waaah and stuff,

Archive 4
• The fans have been on my case again, and i’v been flooded with emails asking why i haven’t been given a position on the AAI page.
• What is the purpose of a crotchless thong? And why are they so expensive?
• I visited, and noticed that you’re not listed on some search engines!

Archive 5
• If human sperm looks like little tadpoles, does frog sperm look like little people?
• Why is it that when someone gets out of the shower to grab soap or something they always drip 6-8 times as much water on the floor…
• Why do women hate me?

Archive 6
• If matter contracts when it gets cold, why does water expand when it freezes?
• Why is there so much dust under beds?
• If you can’t help me with this advice, I don’t know who can… (I’m in trouble, aren’t I?)…

Archive 7
• I’d like to know how flies land on ceilings?
• If you put setup two mirrors perfectly parallel to each other, what do they reflect?
• What is with licking your finger and sticking it in the air to test for wind?