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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #85

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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #85

Below are the show notes for Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #85.
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The usual suspects return to the mics in episode 85 of Remote Viewing: Fiona, Brett, and Elroy have been playing catch up! Fiona finally gets to give us her opinion of Jurassic World and Ant-man. Based on Anna’s recommendation in the last episode, Elroy finally watched Ex Machina. Brett’s been hitting the books and gives us the guff on Under the Skin and Abomination. Eventually the team get to discussing some of their all time favourite, most memorable, or goriest movie and tv show deaths – with help from a bunch of people who played along live on twitter and Facebook!

Music in this episode provided by Deadly Fists of Kung Fu
Theme: Hyperdrive, by Deadly Fists of Kung Fu

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