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Regular Show Slack Pack – The Complete 1st Season.

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Regular Show Slack Pack – The Complete 1st Season.

If you’ve poked around this site at all, or if you’ve accidentally clicked that link up there titled ‘Powers Cosmic,’ you’ll probably still be in therapy over your inability to come to terms with the time you lost watching the animated series that I wrote, animated, and voiced (along with some mates) over the last couple of years. What you’ll learn from those videos – aside from the fact that I don’t write, animate, or speak very well – is that I favour dry, nerdy nonsense. While I have plans to continue with new episodes of Powers Cosmic, indeed not a day passes during which I’m not working on new stuff in some form or another, the discovery of REGULAR SHOW means that there’s now a source for the kind of dry, nerdy nonsense that I enjoy which doesn’t require a month of my time to create.

That’s not saying that Regular Show resembles Powers Cosmic in any way – I’d never be that unkind to someone else’s work – it just hits many of the marks that I’ve aimed for with Powers.

A racoon, Rigby, and his best mate, a bluejay named Mordecai, are employed in some capacity at a park or a private estate of some kind by Benson, who is – as far as I can tell – a gumball machine. I’ve never really been able to work out what it is that Rigby and Mordecai are supposed to be doing: Stacking chairs, or cleaning fountains, it all seems pretty random. This isn’t Rigby and Mordecai’s problem though. Their problem is that they can’t seem to be bothered doing anything they’re suppose to be doing. They’re slackers. The simple process of assigning them a task appears to give that job a negative appeal. What’s more Rigby and Mordecai exist in the kind of world where cross wiring a classic arcade cabinet will result in a gigantic video game monster taking over the estate, or making a prank phone-call can see you displaced from time itself. So, the act of slacking off usually ends up throwing the two characters into some misadventure.

Packed with video game and pop culture references Regular Show stands apart by not simply MAKING references, but by creator (and voice of Mordecai), James Garland Quintel crafting stories that are – while nonsense – drawing on his own love of the things he’s referencing. Either that, or he’s just really great at mashing these things into stories. Whatever the case Regular Show is everything that Big Bang Theory claims to be but isn’t. This show is a love letter to nerds. It is FOR those of us who spent our youth – and many of the years that followed – watching science fiction, reading comics, playing video games and fantasising about a world where our mad button mashing skills actually equated to valuable assets.

The first season ‘slack pack’ contains the all 12 episodes from volumes 1 – 3 of Regular Show.


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