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Powers Cosmic: What’s the hold up?

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Powers Cosmic: What’s the hold up?

So, what’s the state of play with Powers Cosmic? It’s been pretty quiet, at least as far as the view from the outside is concerned, but the fact is that for months I’d been working on cleaning up the existing episodes and preparing them for broadcast on a local television station. That all came to a horrible end a few weeks back when a back-up failure cost me just about all of the Powers Cosmic source files. You probably heard the banshee-like scream that echoed into the night when I discovered that the files were missing from BOTH of my backup drives, and that the original had been deleted and overwritten beyond recovery.

So, what do I do? Give up on Powers, maybe move on to another project? Nah, I dig Powers Cosmic way too much for that. Do I remake all of the previous episodes – improving them and preparing them for broadcast at the same time? If I hadn’t already spent months working on doing just that, then maybe that would be an appealing option sure, but no, I just can’t bring myself to start all over again.

So, what’s the plan? Will we ever see new episodes of Powers Cosmic?

Yes. The plan is to make the remaining episodes of this first season. That’s going to take some work, because I need to remake ALL of the sets from the series because [spoiler]the final episode of the season will feature EVERY set used in the show so far[/spoiler].

Once that’s complete (before actually… like, NOW) I’ll be looking into way to improve the production of series two. Better visually, faster production, more polished scripts, etc. I already have a complete arc developed for the next season, and even a few scenes written. There’s a new character, who I’m excited to introduce, some fun (read: silly) plot elements, and a lot (read: A LOT) of nerdy talk to come from Elroy and Furious.

I’m devastated by the loss of my original source files, but keen to move forward with new episodes and a whole new season soon.

Thanks for being patient. Thanks for all the great emails I get regarding Powers Cosmic, they really do inspire me to keep working on, and improving, the show.

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    Ah, I really feel for you!

    Good luck with getting the rest of the episodes done.

    If there is anything I can help with, just let me know!

  • Thanks Josh, it’s really just a matter of me finding time.

  • Mate when I first heard about the backup fail I cursed the heavens like nothing else and remembered a similar (but much less extreme) circumstance where the exact same thing has happened to me.

    It’s really hard to pick yourself back up and get into it again when you feel like you’re starting over – but as I’ve found with some programming stuff I’ve done at least, it can be even more rewarding at the end of the day.

    Myself, I can’t wait to get into some more Rommy stuff – I’m really looking forward to putting this (still relatively) new microphone through it’s paces. And helping out where and when I can too.

    Pretty inspiring stuff for other producers like yourself I’d say. Mr. Elroy takes on a lot – and he doesn’t just come to the party… he is the party. When he goes home, a lot of us have sad faces, finish our drinks, and then the next day talk about the “good old days” when “Elroy joined us at the party last night”. Anyway, I’m getting off topic :p

    I was a little worried, even, myself that you’d abandon the whole thing due to a new found focus on Remote Viewing (which is a great series, although I do miss the old Elroyonline articles too!).

    Anyway, what I’m TRYING to say is that I’m one of Elroy’s biggest fans *blush* and he deserves a round of applause!

  • Thanks Rom, that means a lot. What I would like to do is have us all get together (for the first time EVER) and do a final pass over the scripts for season 2 before we record the whole season in one session – I’m thinking a few days where everyone comes to Sydney and we spend it being creative and probably drunk.

  • I am glad that the season will finish off after the cliffhanger of the last produced episode. Also to quote Super 8 its great that “Production Value” will be added with quality and faster release but with your HDD crisis does that mean that Powers Cosmic will not have its TV debut at all? The world and aussie tv must know the coolness of Powers Cosmic.

  • Thanks Michael. No TV for season one (which I’m thinking of as season zero), but next season will be made with broadcast in mind from the very beginning.

  • Drunkenness sounds superb, and lord knows it can only help the recording process. I’m also hoping to make it down to Melbourne AGAIN this year. I’ve signed up to The Falls Festival… but even without that I’m considering a roadtrip would be tasty. I’ve already done one to Brisbane this year, so it would make sense (infact, more sense) to go to Melbourne! Anyway, sounds tasty either way!

  • Side note, there’s a 4 or 5 day LAN event on the October long weekend if that happens to coincide ;)

  • LAN you say!? Which reminds me! Keep your ear to the ground for any gaming/tech events that @grassisleena and I can come to Sydney to cover for MMGN or elsewhere!

  • That’s the worst news I ever heard. You could always consider a career change into secure data destruction.

    And since we’re socialising in this horribly post, FYI i’ll be working in Sydney for the 3rd week of Oct. PPAARRRTAAAYYY!!!

  • Holy crap! Even if we’re not ready to proof/record by the time October comes around Sydney 2011 might just have to host the first ever VictoryCon!

  • Somebody get me the President!

  • I fully endorse this product and/or service.

    Such a bummer to have lost your source to The Ether, but you have your ideas, your inspiration and your people.