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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #16

Below are the show notes for Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #16.
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This week Matt burnt some work bandwidth downloading the public domain film Last Man on Earth, in preparation for the Zombie discussion topic that Elroy put forward last week. Fiona also did some research and watched the recent remake of The Crazies. But going right to the head of the class was Elroy, who went beyond the call and watched Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, Survival of the Dead, Re-Animator, La Horde, Dellamorte Dellamore and Resident Evil. The sad part was that he’d totally forgotten about the discussion topic, that’s just a normal weeks viewing for him… weirdo!

Fiona and Elroy also managed to make it to the cinema to see the latest instalment of the X-Men franchise: FIrst Class.


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