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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #15

Below are the show notes for Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #15.
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Calling for user input on discussion topics has given a wealth of topics for future episodes, but we grabbed the meta topic of ‘Reviewers’ off the top of the pile and talked about a couple of our favourite movie reviewers and how to get the best our of a reviewer (even if you don’t agree with them). Matt took in a couple TV shows this week one he loved, one… not so much. Elroy defied Fiona’s take on Pirates 4 from the last episode and ventured to the cinema… he’ll probably listen to Fiona in the future. While Fiona ventured out to the cinema to see Hangover 2 and then dropped by her favourite blockbuster, dove into the bargain box, and came out with a copy of Pulse.

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