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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #12

Below are the show notes for Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #12.
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With this being a pretty quiet release week at the cinema everyone played catch-up, by visiting (or revisiting) some movies from the last month or so that they may have missed on their initial release. Elroy checked out Source Code and caught The Adjustment Bureau before it finishes it’s run at cinemas. Fiona saw Paul, Arthur and Scream 4. while Matt checked out the food industry documentary Food Inc.

In news the team discuss casting rumours for the live action AKIRA film, Expendables 2 gets a bad guy, a slice of Macaulay Culkin’s lonely childhood goes on the market, and possibly the most underground movie ever made in Australia goes into production.

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We’re not serving half our audience

Music in this episode provided by Deadly Fists of Kung Fu
Theme: Hyperdrive, by Deadly Fists of Kung Fu

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