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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #07

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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #07

Below are the show notes for Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #07.
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Enticed by Matt’s thoughts on BATTLE LA in last week’s episode, FIona decided to see it for herself, so this week we’re treated to her view of the blockbuster. Elroy maybe wishes that he’d seen something a little cheerier this week after watching NEVER LET ME GO at the cinema and previewing the blu-ray release of MONSTERS. This weeks talking point is the greatest one ever in the history of all things epic… Well, that’s if you believe the hype. The team, aided by a whole stack of listener feedback, discuss the pros and cons of the hype created by marketing.

Escapist Sucker Punch Review
Green Lantern Wonder-con Footage

Music in this episode provided by Deadly Fists of Kung Fu
Theme: Hyperdrive, by Deadly Fists of Kung Fu

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