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Series: Titan Maximum

There are very few advantages to having pretty much sucked at everything I’ve tried to do in my life, but at least I’ve avoided ever having to face that most daunting of things: The follow up [whatever]. Lets face it, when you’re a nobody no body expects the next thing you do to be brilliant. But when you’re a band who’s achieved world dominating success with an album, everyone expects you to show up with the goods with your next release. Same goes for a director, or sports team, or that guy you work with who totally just had a great idea. Just be thankful that you’re not that guy, ‘cause when he fails, he’s got so much further to fall. When the next idea he comes up with isn’t greatness — like, it doesn’t even have to be especially bad — he’ll look like a complete idiot.

We even have a term for particularly splendid examples of this phenomenon: The one hit wonder. Yeah, those people… they totally suck! They only did ONCE what most of us will NEVER do… but they couldn’t do it again… idiots.

So, by this point you’ve probably figured that this is a post about TITAN MAXIMUM, and how it’s from the same people who gave us the fantastic series ROBOT CHICKEN. And you’ve probably concluded that I think it sucks. Well, YOU’RE WRONG! It’s actually pretty great. The problem is that it’s just not quite as great as Robot Chicken. So, following the logic outlined above, it is a COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE. It’s not, but you get my point, right?

Where Robot Chicken was made up of many, rapid-fire scenes, Titan Maximum is an ongoing story. It actually manages to sustain a continuos plot. More than that, it manages to move that plot along within the short span of its fifteen minute episodes, which also manage to pretty much stand on their own.

For those of us who grew up watching those classic anime series — populated by a team of planet defenders, whose individual space-craft could join together to form a gigantic robot — Titan Maximum is a spot on parody of that genre. The classic characters have all been push to the extreme, egos have been enlarged, the prim got primmer, the brains got geekier, and spunky got slutty… real, real slutty.

There are many advantages to making an ongoing series like this. Where with Robot Chicken characters, props, and even sets may only ever appear on the screen for a few seconds — and then be thrown in the broom cupboard, never to be seen again — most of the sets in Titan Maximum are used, if not for the entire series, then at least for the span of an episode. The quality, scale and time that it allows the creators to put into the new sets can be seen on the screen. While Robot Chicken has never looked shabby, Titan Maximum looks fantastic.

Going into Titan Maximum and expecting Robot Chicken will only lead to disappointment. It doesn’t have the unrelenting energy of it’s older brother. But it has characters and an ongoing story that you can get involved in. The humour is pretty much all there, but it isn’t quite as sharp. However, apart from an overly heavy reliance on crass language in place of actual comedy, I don’t think anyone can be really disappointed by this show. [source]

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    I really dug Titan Maximum, moreso than (at least more recent) Robot Chicken. I would like to see more episodes, however, there’s only been the nine made as far as I am aware.