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Powers Cosmic: Good Dead, Rising Game

Powers Cosmic: Good Dead - Rising Game Release Info

While it may seem like things have been pretty quiet on the Powers Cosmic front lately, nothing could actually be further from the truth. The main reason that no new episodes have been released is because I’ve been working on cleaning up the old ones. Some have new dialogue tracks that were recorded when I flew to Adelaide and caught up with Simon (Furious) a while back, there’s a new theme (thanks to the awesome band Deadly Fists of Kung-Fu) and some other tweaks here and there to keep us out of legal trouble as we move forward with the series.

So, all that has meant that new stuff is still a little way off. However when the ABC’s Good Game announced that they were running a competition and that the first prize was a life size zombie (mannequin) from the brilliantly fun game, Dead Rising 2, well… we knew we had to enter!

Enjoy, and please tweet, subscribe, rate, ‘like’ the youtube video/account, and whatever else the interweb savvy folk are doing these days! Thanks.

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