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Powers Cosmic: Commentary 01-09

Powers Cosmic: Commentary 01-09 Release Info
  • File Size: 22.01 meg
  • Duration: 46:45
  • Download: iTunes Link

If you’re following @powerscosmic (the official Powers Cosmic twitter feed) or if you’re a fan of our facebook page… or if you’re following @furious_tfm or my twitter account then you’d know already that I flew to Adelaide for a few days at the start of this week, so that Simon (Furious) and I could knuckle down and get some of the audio for a couple of the early episodes of Powers Cosmic re-recorded, as we’ve never been happy with the original quality and didn’t feel that they were ‘broadcast’ ready… you know, should anyone ever want to broadcast them for any reason.

We didn’t get through as many of the old episodes as we’d have liked, mostly because we underestimated the difficulty presented by trying to match the original audio as precisely as possible (a technique called looping or ADR [Automatic Dialog Replacement]). We did, however, manage to get a our dialogue for a couple of new episodes AND — you may have noticed the little audio player embedded at the start of this post — a commentary track which covers all of the currently available episodes!

What we did is end to end all of those episodes and then, with the help of Tegan (the voice of the evil robot’s computer) set about talking utter crap for the three quarters of an hour that it takes to watch those 9 episodes.

We’ve added a little sound effect to tell you when to pause the track and start playing the next episode, so if you’re watching along there’s a chance we may have said something relevant.

For added fun this track can be used as a great drinking game: For those wishing to die of alcohol poisoning, just drink a shot every time I say ‘um’ or ‘ah’. You’ll be dead in no time!

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