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Powers Cosmic: Promo 01

Powers Cosmic: Promo 01 Release Info

What’s this? A second Powers Cosmic release in less than a week! Consider yourself spoiled!

So, what’s this all about then? It’s not a new episode, it’s just a promo… the idea being that it’s a bit of an ask for a potential new viewer to part in front of a WHOLE 6 minutes of Powers Cosmic, without knowing what they were getting themselves in for. So we thought we’d make a promo or two (so far, just one) to throw about and maybe hit a few of the commitment phobic potential viewers out there.

This particular promo is a parody of the advert that Chrysler ran during he Superbowl. You can see the original on youtube. Theirs is called ‘Man’s Last Stand’, it’s pretty dumb (and more than a little insulting to women)… ours is dumber still.

The more observant of you may have also noticed that the custom player that I’ve used on this site for some time now, is gone. A friend built the player quite a while ago, and I love it. But (like the idea behind the promo) I’m starting a drive to get a larger viewership for Powers Cosmic. View numbers being divided between those who downloaded the podcast, those who watched here on elroyonline, on, or on, AND those who watched on YouTube. By embeding the youtube version across the three sites, we’ll hopefully get a truer indication of how many viewers we actually have. Of course you’ll still be able to subscribe to, and download, the podcast.

Along the same lines, feel free to share the Powers Cosmic links around, if you think someone you know may enjoy them!

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