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Powers Cosmic: Episode 09

Powers Cosmic: Episode 09 Release Info

It’s been another long delayed release, but it’s finally here! Episode 09 differers from the ones before it, mostly because it takes place after the events of Episode 08, which none of the other episodes managed to do. It also has new characters, new sets, and marks the beginning of the end of this first season of Powers Cosmic. The plan is to finish up this season with 12 episodes, but I’m getting ahead of myself now.

When the ship’s computer detects possible life signs in its trash collection bay (after collecting a whole bunch of old robot parts that it found floating about in space) it wakes The Romulans — the one and only known life form on the ship — and encourages him to investigate the matter. The problem is that the ship’s computer isn’t exactly reliable, but at least it’s trying… Unlike The Romulans, who’s VERY trying!

For me, this episode has been a long time coming. Not just because of the delays, but because I’ve wanted to ‘get the band back together’ for quite a while. The ‘band’ I’m referring to is the group of guys who worked together with Simon and I on a Machinima series called Victory 04 (which you can still find on Sadly, they have arrived a little late to the party… given that Elroy and Furious obviously died at the end of Episode 08 – but still, it’s nice to have the two Bretts and Sam joining in on the Powers Cosmic fun. We’ll be calling on Sam again in the future, but the other two will be around for the next couple of episodes – after that is anybody’s guess!

This video is also available for viewing/sharing on YouTube: [Episode 09]

Be warned, this episode contains nudity!

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    I had noticed that Episodes 1-7 did not follow on from Episode 8…was going to say something, but held my tongue.

    Ep9 hilarious, despite taking place directly after Ep8.

    But seriously…excellent!

  • Thanks. I know that doing things in numerical order is putting a lot of people off – especially fans of LOST – so we’re thinking of rebooting the series at the end of every episode from now on.

  • Loving the new character

  • I was going to suggest a reboot but I thought the wounds may still be too raw. It has a bit of the Christopher Reeve about it.

    Having said that, who would you get to play Elroy?

  • Thanks Marlon.

    Yeah Macca, the hardest part about re-casting Elroy is that all the most appropriate actors are currently tied up, trying out for the part of Captain America!

  • I just looked up Victory 04 then, Awesome :) There should be more scripted game videos like that. The Halo series which was funny as hell :D

  • Thanks Evil – yeah Red vs Blue set the benchmark for machinima really. We were very aware of RvB when we were making Victory and were wary of comparisons, because we were going for something completely different (but comparisons were inevitable).