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Powers Cosmic: Minisode 01

Powers Cosmic: Minisode 01 Release Info

If you’ve been following the Powers Cosmic facebook page, or our twitter feed, then you’d be aware already that we’ve announced that we wont be releasing any new episodes until sometime in the new year (which isn’t really that far away). We’d been working towards getting the next episode out before the Xmas break, but given that there are new elements in the upcoming episodes — including characters and sets — we decided to delay the release so that we could get past the silly season and concentrate on building the new stuff properly.

This first season of Powers Cosmic will come to an end with the 12th episode. From there we’re going to start work on the next season pretty much right away, however we’ll be working very differently from that point on. Hopefully the lessons we’ve learnt making this first season will mean that production of season two will run much smoother, which will mean a more predictable release schedule for the episodes.

Thanks for being patient.

In the mean time – please to enjoy this Powers Cosmic ‘minisode’. If there’s time we may release a couple more of these before the next full episode is released (we wont delay work on that to work on minisodes though). All I can tell you about the content of this episode is that it is canon: It happened, or it WILL happen one day, or it will have happened in in the past someday, just not yet.

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