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Ouch: There’s nothing in my eye… Anymore!

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Ouch: There’s nothing in my eye… Anymore!


Back in May 2007, along with a new cornea, I had 16 stitches sown into my right eye. This morning, some 29 months later, I had the remaining 12 removed. For my right eye at least, the process is almost complete (the left has 16 stitches still… oh, and a cornea). The removal of the stitches means that the shape of my cornea will change dramatically over the next couple of days (I don’t expect that my glasses will be of much use by this afternoon), but once that settles down I’ll finally have some idea of the kind of vision that I’ve ended up with.

My last appointment (concerning the right eye) with the surgeon is next month. It’s been a tiring, frustrating, lonely and sometimes painful process (last Friday was no picnic, let me tell you), but ultimately worthwhile… given that my other choice was blindness.

I’m stoked… but a little numb, and things are already starting to get blurrier than usual… so I’m going to bed for a while, or at least going to hide in a dark corner.

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    Oh man :/ I hope you are feeling better really soon!


  • Oh man :/ I hope you are feeling better really soon!

  • haha – damn! I’m seeing double! (Sorry Rommy, Lisa was here first!)

  • Thoughts are with you.
    Best of luck!

  • Thanks Macca, I’m doing fine – my eye/s are a little bleary by the end of the day, but I think I’m on top of things now.

  • Hey man hope you are doing well and egames was good. Wish I could have come along but was away all weekend.

    When your eyes get betterer you can see how bad the censored version of Left 4 Dead 2 is. Or not.

  • @morgs – thanks dude, would have been awesome if you’d been able to make it down, but next time.

    I just cancelled my pre-order of left 4 dead 2. More out of protest than anything. Hopefully if enough people cancel based on being dissatisfied with the way the demo has been censored, then Valve will become more vocal about the censorship issue.

    I’ll probably get someone from OS to ‘gift’ me a copy.

  • Yes that should very much be my plan as well. I am following reports on how to get it from overseas but will hold off until after it is officially released and unlocked in steam as I am concerned that valve may end up censoring the US/UK versions I know some people have.
    Interesting times ahead, especialy with the terrorist simulator that is the new modern warfare 2…grrr

  • Just got the email from Steam/Valve acknowledging that they’ve refunded my cash. Make sure you do it before the game is actually released, as they wont refund then:

    “Thank you for contacting Steam Support. As requested, we have processed a refund to your account. Your confirmation number is: SOMETHING Your bank or credit card issuer will return the funds to your account – please allow 3-5 business days for the funds to be posted. Please note that we do not normally offer refunds on purchases made online. However, we are happy to make the exception for pre-ordered games if the request is received prior to the release date.”

  • I havent pre-ordered it yet. Going to wait until full release and get confirmation from other Aussie gamers that uncensored version *can* be acquired…still concerned steam may ruin the plans…

  • That’s my biggest fear, playing the uncut demo is great but I don’t want to see it edited on release. Just listen for the mad screaming next week and you’ll know how it goes

  • And best of luck with your eyes bro :)

  • Thanks Twin. I think I’ll follow both you and Morgan on this one and hold off to see what happens when the full game lands.

  • It works and Uncut! the Vpn method works a treat. Only issue is getting Steam to start without issue.

    1. Turn off steam
    2. Take the l4d2 folder out of the steamapps directory.
    3. Restart steam.
    4. Close steam
    5. Delete the clientregistry.blob file from the steam directory.
    6. Open steam again
    Will fix this. be prepared to wait though as the servers are getting HAMMERED.

    As for the VPN method, I seem to remember a certain message board set up for zombie related topics ;)