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Powers Cosmic: Digital Lifestyle Show TVC

Powers Cosmic: Digital Lifestyle Show TVC Release Info

When your animations are too craptacular for even the internet, there’s no place else for you to go, other than television! Well, for 30 seconds at least! Anyone who’s been around this site for any length of time will know that and Powers Cosmic has had a long association with The eGames Expo – which has, over the last couple of years, happened alongside the Digital Lifestyle Show. At last year’s event we even had a poorly manned booth with distributed woefully designed fliers pimping out Powers Cosmic.

This year Simon (Furious) will be pre-occupied with he and his hetro life parter, Nick’s latest cockamamie, get-rich-quick-scheme, WIth the Band (They’re running the ‘Virtual Pop-star’ comp on the main eGames stage for the whole weekend!). So chances are that there wont be a Powers Cosmic booth this time around (unless there’s an overwhelming groundswell of support from folks who want to help out for the duration of the show!)… but we’ve done a little something to help promote the show anyway!

The video above is the official television ad for the event and will air (probably between 00 55 adverts) over the next week or so!


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    Epic win! Nice one team!

  • You should ask Ro how much she would charge to sit there and look cute. That’d probably attract a few people to the booth.

  • If she charges, then she already costs too much! HOWEVER, the Powers Cosmic child minding booth rates are quite reasonable…. pay in advance and we’ll keep her out of your hair all weekend! (you have to supply food… for her and us).

  • You might be able to pay her in merchandise or cuddles with Scoot.
    If you could get Scoot to man the booth with Ro, I’m sure Ro wold do it for free. And no, I’m not paying you to babysit her, especially since she is the most mature & sensible person out of all us next to TheGLB. You should be paying me to let her babysit you.

  • I’M ON TV!

  • You’re not going to be there? aww it’s because of this expo that I learned about this site. I was hoping to say thanks for powers cosmic to Elroy in person.
    thanks for powers cosmic anyway.

  • That’s awesome Michael – Chances are that Furious or myself will be at the expo the whole time anyway. If I have time to make up some fliers (and get them printed) then you may see me (or anyone who cares to help) spamming people with them. But more than likely I’ll be hanging out around the place annoying Furious while he (and his hetro life partner Nick) run the Virtual PopStar stuff on the main stage.

    Just look for the toolbag wearing a bluetooth headset, that’ll be Furious. I’ll be the guy trying to look like I don’t know him.