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Movie: The Machine Girl


A short time ago I posted about the movie TOKYO GORE POLICE, which was directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura. While watching that movie I was reminded of the classic Troma B-movies from the eighties (THE TOXIC AVENGER, etc). Like the Troma classics — and Tokyo Gore Police — THE MACHINE GIRL is one of those films that could possibly be the most offensive film you ever see, but only if you take it in any way seriously.

It’s no surprise that The Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police [TGP] have a similar feel about them: The Machine Girl was written and directed by Noboru Iguchi, but Yoshihiro Nishimura was the man behind this movies special effects. And, to be brutally honest, he’s about as crap at doing that job as he is at directing.

The special effects in this movie are bad. Seriously, they’re so bad that it’s almost impossible to find the, virtually non-stop, gore in any way stomach churning. It’s just laughable. In fact, so bad are the special effects in this film that several times, while watching the resulting wash of spraying blood (or blood like substance) from a severed limb (or torso, or head), I was reminded of the Luigi Cozzi masterpiece CONTAMINATION. Perhaps it was the persistent use of compressed air?

I will give Noboru Iguchi credit for creating some semblance of a story-line, albeit a fairly straight forward revenge tale: Totally hot school girl Ami’s brother Yu and his friend Takeshi are bullied to death by the son of a local Yakuza leader. After an initial attempt at revenge leaves Ami with an amputated arm, she joins forces with Takeshi’s parents, both mechanics, who fashion a machine gun prosthetic to replace Ami’s missing appendage. Yadda yadda yadda, blood, dismemberment, the end. Sure, it’s not Macbeth, but it gets the characters to where it wants them to be.

Just about the only thing in this film to give the special effects, gore or the plot a run for the prise of “the worst thing about this movie” is the acting. I was surprised to learn — while watching the ‘Making of’ extra — that this is Minase Yashiro’s (Ami) first movie, because she was probably the least worst of the lot… followed closely by Asami Sugiura (Takeshi’s way too young mother, Miki) – the rest of the cast follow, in rapidly descending order. Of note is the young actor who plays the target of Ami’s vengeance: I can’t blame him for the role he was cast to play, but his performance as the sociopathic, self-entitled, douche is smothered by the kind of slack-jawed indifferent acting that makes you question whether the actor hasn’t suffered a fairly major stroke of some kind.

There’s no denying that this is an atrocious movie. And if you’re offended by all things senseless… then you’re probably at the wrong website and should probably avoid this movie at all costs. But if you’re like me and have that gene that allows you to switch into “It’s so bad it’s good” viewing mode, then you really orta check this one out! [source]

Not convinced? Check out the [trailer]

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In a completely off topic tangent, it does seem strange to me that as an Adult living in Australia, I can purchase R rated content, sit in the comfort of my home and watch people be sliced apart by chain-saws. I can watch rooms sprayed with the blood of someone whose fingers have been lopped off with a sword, see heads sliced off, apart, in half and blown off, and watch as an ever growing number of human corpses are left laying about numerous sets… provided none of this takes place in a video game!? [more on this]

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    I take it your commenting on Left 4 dead 2 being delayed? Damn you Adelaide! >:(

  • Delayed? No – it’s not been delayed. It’s been nerfed because there’s no R rating in Australia.

  • Nah bro, it’s getting resubmitted with less ‘violent content’ this month hopefully for release Nov 11. We’ll still get it, just with a little less than what other countries will have.
    Uber lame but keep the faith :)

  • Yes… that’s what I said… no delay, but nerfed version.

    Valve have actually re-submitted two versions, one nerfed, one not. They are trying to get the un-nerfed version pushed through, but as a ‘just in case’ they’ve put the nerfed one in so that we Aussies get *something* to play, rather than nothing.

  • oh right, never had a nerf gun :( I had to make do with frisbees. Much less cool

  • Haha, nothing wrong with frisbees dude – provided you’re not throwing one around on the beach while wearing budgie smugglers!

  • What’s Adelaide got to do with anything??

  • Absolutely nothing

  • bought my son a nerf gun. Pump action. takes 8 nerf bullets. TV newsreaders have never had a harsher critic. that is when I can get the gun back off my son…