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Powers Cosmic: Episode 08

Powers Cosmic: Episode 08 Release Info

On paper (well, pdf) this episode seemed like far less work than it actually turned out to be. There’s a whole lot of animation going on this time, which defies my rule of being as lazy as possible when it comes to producing these things. That said, I’m pretty happy with the results.

Last we saw Elroy and Furious they’d been dumped into the garbage hold of the Alien Robot’s ship, with their further dumpage into the cold void of space soon to follow. So doing what any self-respecting nerds would do, they talk about comic books! More specifically, they start looking for potential escape routes in the pages of The Fantastic Four!

Can their knowledge of Marvel’s first family save them? And what the hell does this have to do with global warming!?

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    bahaha. The move lively animation really adds to it. good stuff! and talk about a cliff hanger!

  • Just hanging out for the next episode (which I’m sure is just around the corner as, being professional, you would have taken a leaf out of Peter Jackson’s book and made the ‘to be continued episodes’ at the same time.
    Unless you felt that this episode was going nowhere fast and ‘to be continued’ was a good escape route…
    Either which way, still rivetting, edge-of-seat stuff!

  • ‘to be continued’ is the best escape route ever. But no, we do actually know where this is going.

    It could mean that elroy and furious are dead and that new characters are being introduced in the next episode… or an old character is coming back… a character so old, in fact, that he hasn’t even appeared in Powers Cosmic yet!

  • Hey I’m only 28 come on it’s not the end of the world – still 2 years to go!

  • Who said I was talking about you? No contracts have been signed,,, I could have been talking about…erm… the x-crabs!

  • I can’t believe it… I’ve been had by crabs! Again!

  • You know stranger danger is a big issue and kids should always be careful of people offering candy. Unless they’ve got Jelly Bellies, those are the BOMB!

  • I’d totally get into the back of a strange panel van for jelly Bellies!

  • Then you realise it’s all banana, cherry and coconut. And no matter how hard you try, it’ll just end up tasting like crap.
    That’d be sad if the last thought you had was “Damn i shoulda held out for the Violet Crumble!”

  • That wouldn’t be the worst final thought ever. I mean, your last thought COULD have been about a Polly Waffle!

  • Hahaha! .. Polly waffle :D

  • Or those carcinogenic banana-shaped lollies.