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Powers Cosmic: Episode 07

Powers Cosmic: Episode 07 Release Info

The undeniable scope of what I’m about write isn’t lost on me, after all, I’m about to write it, and the thing that I’m about to write is making reference to other things that I’ve previously written. So, in a sense, I feel vastly qualified to make the statement that I’m about to make. If anything, I’m probably over qualified. Which I only say as a means of adding even further weight behind the statement which follows:

It is my (vastly over qualified, as previously stated) opinion that this episode — Number 7, for those playing at home — is possibly the nerdiest thing I’ve ever written.

I hope it amuses… actually, I just hope it plays correctly.

On a technical note: I’ve tweaked the effect used on the Robot voices and employed a cunning technique in the actual writing of the script which, I hope, alleviates the problems that some people were having understanding them.


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  • I blame too much loud music in my yooff for damaging my delicate ears, but I’m deaf & retarded & I really wish the alien robots (or are they robot aliens?) were subtitled.

  • And FUCK YEAH indeed, this was brilliant guys, well done. Much LOLS. Each ep gets better & better.

  • Awesome ;)

  • I hope theres going to be a gratuitous Star Wars garbage compactor scene in the next one!

  • Waaaaah! Your best yet! Chortle chortle!
    Garbage compactor Yeah!!

  • Thanks peoples.

    @goshling, I’ll accept that kind of language from Furious, because I know he wasn’t bought up right… but from a refined lady, such as yourself, I’m flabbergasted!

    @iBrett, correct.

    @romulans & @skewergirl, think you’d have to hand in your nerd card if you couldn’t see the Star Wars trash compacter episode coming. (Rommy, you get a promotion!).

    There’s also an EXTREMELY dorky reference hidden in the Robot commander’s last order… but nobody seems to have picked it up. I’m sure that TV’s Tim Stack would have.

  • P9Y4C3?

  • Cannot lose on Kelowna… am I getting warmer? You’re trying to say Jonas Quinn was a sucky character?

  • OOOOOOHHHH, I’m tempted to give it to you…. but you’re not quite there!

  • Actually Rom, it’s Langara. Kelowna was just the country Quinn was from.

    Learn to google better.

  • Ferris Bueller clone.

    Shanks was much better. I couldn’t have stood more seasons of Nemec.

  • May well have been a FB clone… but his show (the one yet to be named) lasted quite a bit longer than that gawd awful Ferris Bueller series did.

    Personally, I didn’t mind Quinn, but I think it would have been substantially better had Shanks’ return not loomed over the character from the very beginning. It felt like the writers were never really sure whether to bother committing any time/development to him.

    I think it’s fair to say that Nemec was only there to let Shanks know that they were prepared to replace him if need be. Which was further evidenced (IMO) by the fact that, aside from a rather pitiful once-off reappearance, Quinn was never heard of again after Shanks renewed his contract.

  • There, we cannot loose.
    Not a problem.

    (Well how you would you spell a funky 90s guitar lick?)

  • No idea, but you’d synchronized swatches to make sure you got the timing right.

  • Coolness.

  • Deow deow deow deeeow deow!

    That was the funky 90s guitar lick i tried to type before…but your comments system ate it. Nice work Mr Lewis.

  • Damn you Furious, insulting my Googling (or Wikipediaing in this case). First time I heard it I was like “wtf stargate?” and straight to Wikipedia… since I kind of gave up on Stargate around the time of Jonas Quinn maybe I’m not best qualified to go any further than I have… someone else with superior Stargate knowledge?

  • OMFG… Seriously dude, you SO had it! It wasn’t a Stargate reference so much as a *shout out* (if you will) from me to an awesome awesome show (despite what Conduit suggests)… Why are the robots going to that planet = because they can’t lose… who is from that planet = Jonas Quinn… who played Jonas Quinn? What else has he been in??

  • Oh fuck sakes.

    I’m not even going to say it now I feel too stupid.

  • That’s brilliant! I have never come across so many sci-fi oblique references away from my own family dinner table.
    Classic. Just classic.
    I’m still chuckling.

  • Cheers Macca!