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Powers Cosmic: Episode 06

Powers Cosmic: Episode 06 Release Info

The last we saw, the Powers Cosmic duo of Elroy and Furious were completely unaware that they’d been targeted by a race of Alien Robot Invaders who believed that the pair had discovered their plans to turn the human race into Zombie slaves! Of course, they’re wrong. But the Robots are back in this episode!

If you want to share, or embed this episode in your own site, here’s the youtube link: [Powers Cosmic: Episode 06]

It may not look like it, but this episode pushed us pretty hard. There are more (new) elements in this episode than in any of the previous, not to mention that the special effects budget was completely blown in the opening shot!

Just a note to anyone following the @powerscosmic account on twitter: It’s currently suspended! Mostly due to my screwing about with things. Hopefully the twitter gods will take pity on me and recognize that I’m not a spammer — just a dickhead! In the mean time you can always follow @elroyonline or, if you’re REALLY hard up @furious_tfm!

Additionally, any of you facebook users are welcome to join Powers Cosmic Anonymous


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    But wait a second, you couldn’t time travel to warn yourself that you’re about to walk in front of a bus or get on a doomed plane because after it happened, you’d be dead; therefore unable to time travel and warn yourself… right?

  • Shut up you!

  • And that is the reason G always makes me sit to the very end of the credits. (If i have to listen to him bang on about pivotal post-credit scene in Young Sherlock Holmes one more time, I’ll…i’ll…)
    Hey, speaking of voice actors (yeah, yeah, whatever) if you ever introduce a poofy english sounding alien to Powers Cosmic, G’s your man!

  • All semblance of Young (or any aged) Sherlock Holmes will be erased from existence by the awesomeness of the upcoming Robert Downey Jnr / Guy Richie interpretation. Nuff said.

    G has long been on my mental short list (mentally short?) of voice ‘talent’ – the only reason I haven’t put the call in to him (or his management) is because the right part for him hasn’t come up yet. But, just like The Romulans – who is scheduled to appear around episode 9 or 10, G’s day will come.

  • It’s amazing what you can do with a balloon full of helium these days. Rates right next to the whoopie cushion as far as the special effects department goes.

  • Nobody asked about your weekend plans Macca! :P

    Besides a helium balloon is out of out budget… how the hell do you expect us to come up with the cash for a whoopie cushion!

    Seriously — audio wise — all of the vocal effects are done in GarageBand. I find that it’s the easiest (and most accessible) app for laying out the dialogue tracks and adding effects.

  • Hmm where did Future Elroy get that Time Machine? :O looks like a fine piece of machinery!

  • There’s no way we can top this episode, seriously.

    It has rock’n’roll, Time Travel, Robots, and mentions zombies and natural disasters.

    Fricken awesome!