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Series: Frisky Dingo Season 2


At the final episode of season 1 things seem to have been pretty much wrapped up for the series FRISKY DINGO. Well, as wrapped up as something with an absurd plot and bizarre characters — like a guy who mutates into a giant crab — could get! Actually, no! That’s not quite true! I think it’s safe to say that you can wrap up even the most inane plot if you finish the script with “… and then the machine, designed to push the Earth into the sun, is activated! The End.”

However, if the first season DVD of Frisky Dingo taught me three things, it’s that I have an inhuman tolerance for watching shows with incoherent plots, that sticking with even the most incoherent plot driven show can eventually pay off, and that I should know better than to try to anticipate the direction that the writers of Frisky Dingo are going to take things. With these lessons in mind, I prepared myself for the experience of watching season two, with a nice hot coffee and some of the left over Chocolate Crackles that I stole from a seven year old’s birthday party. Neither the Chocolate Crackles or the coffee made it all the way through the 12 episodes (and bonus Xtacles short), but I did! And while it could just be caffeine / sugar rush that currently I’m experiencing, I’m going to proclaim that this season tops the previous one, big time!

The plot of season two may initially appear to be better formed than the previous, but don’t let it fool you into a false sense of security. It pretty quickly runs off the rails and ends up in the town of WTF-ville.

The news that the Annihilatrix fails to destroy the Earth wont come as a great surprise to anyone (because season two would be a pretty short and uneventful if it had). What the Annihilatrix does do though, is push the planet about a metre further away from the Sun and, in doing so, cures the world’s global warming problem. Killface takes advantage of the unintended side effect of his doomsday machine’s failure and uses the popularity, which comes as a result of his *deliberate* environmental actions, to launch his presidential campaign. As soon as Xander Crews — whose fortune is restored, thanks to a convenient gust of wind — hears of Killface’s candidacy, he launches his own, opposing, campaign.

Frisky Dingo Season 2 is probably more offensive than the previous season. But while I’m usually turned off by such humor (not because I find it offensive, but because it’s usually blatantly, obviously, trying to offend), Frisky Dingo’s characters tend to only belittle themselves while being offensive to others.

While I stand by my comment that this new release is vastly superior to the first, I could not, in good conscience recommend Frisky Dingo Season 2 to anyone who hasn’t already seen — and appreciated — the first season. Having said that, if you’re already acquainted with the show, then this release absolutely deserves some of your attention! [source]

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