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Series: Aqua Teen Hunger Force v5


Every show on television faces the dilemma of how to keep the people watching. There’s only so much of the same thing that audiences will watch before they tune out. So, even the best shows must evolve to keep audiences interested and entertained. Some shows do this by building their own mythology, they introduce peripheral characters, who show up from time to time and help spice up the story-lines (Hello! Those Klingons are back! Always with the Klingons!). Other shows take risks and re-invent themselves on a semi-regular basis, MY NAME IS EARL is a particularly good example of this. It regularly shakes things up by moving the characters to new locations: Hotel, Jail, Hospital.

Other shows fail to realize that they are becoming dull until it’s too late. This usually results in them employing an extreme tactic to try and win viewers back. It’s desperate, seldom yields positive results and almost always becomes the ‘jump the shark’ event for that show.

Of the above tactics AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE has obviously employed one: It has built it’s own mythology, and has semi-regular characters — like the Plutonians and the Mooninites — whom they employ to add something new to the show’s usual formula. However, in addition to that, the creators of ATHF have done something covert. They’ve progressively tweaked the show in an effort to keep it fresh. They’ve gradually, in an almost imperceptible fashion, completely and utterly lost their frikkin minds.

Despite being volume five, this DVD consists of the fourteen episodes which made up season four of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and contains some of the most incoherent plots ever. Don’t believe me? Check these out:

Episode 1 (56): Shake’s latest attempt to attract women involves pretending to have fallen down a well. However the well he chooses turns out to have an already occupied, fully-furnished apartment, at the bottom. And his new room mate is Dirtfoot… A man sized, fur/dirt creature with one giant foot.

Episode 4 (59): After eating a meal at a burger joint named RIP-N-WIN, Shake, Frylock, Meatwad and Carl peal the bottoms off their drink cups, to see if they’ve won a prize. Carl is disturbed to learn that his ‘prize’ consists of having his penis torn off.

Episode 11 (66): To make some extra money, Carl allows aliens to erect a gigantic antenna on his property. But the antenna interferes with the television reception of his neighbors and gives Carl nosebleeds. Flylock decides to climb the antenna, but is intercepted by George Lowe (voiced by the voice of Space Ghost, George Lowe).

In addition there are two episodes titled Star Studded Xmas Spectacular Part 1 & 2 which consist of scenes that were deleted from the ATHF movie. And the 2 DVD set is loaded with the kind of extras that make this kind of release a must for fans… like me.

Personally, I love this series, and I loved this release, but it has to be said that this is NOT for the uninitiated. Not because you’ll have trouble understanding what’s going on if you’ve never seen the show before. Because, well… nobody knows what’s going on. But, if you haven’t worked your way up to Volume Five, you seriously risk giving yourself the “WTF” bends: Thats a condition where too much complete insanity enters your bloodstream too rapidly and causes an embolism. It’s true. Look it up. Watch a clip: BAM!. [source]

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    I love this show so much that I can hardly watch it because it hurts when I laugh.