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Remote Viewing: Save Dollhouse PSA2

Remote Viewing: Save Dollhouse PSA2 Release Info

This is something of a first here at eol. I don’t think I’ve ever posted two videos back to back before. In fact, I’m not entirely convinced that having two versions of the flex player on the front page wont cause some kind of cataclysmic meltdown when I hit the submit button… but, what the hell, lets live dangerously!

Speaking of which, I’m really hoping that this video is taken in the spirit that it is intended. As I’ve made clear on this site (and elsewhere) I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s stuff. But when I started thinking about the whole Dollhouse situation again — after we had a few requests for another Save Dollhouse PSA — I realized that there was a motivation to get Dollhouse renewed OTHER than the fact that it’s a great show.

I’ll add a link to the YouTube version of this video as soon as I get around to uploading it (or else you can always subscribe to my channel) EDIT: Here’s the direct youtube LINK.

As always, feel free to share and feedback is welcome.

~ elroy

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    lmao, f’ing brilliant. Doctor Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog was the best online streamed video ever (except they used Hulu on their site so non-Americans had to get it elsewhere which makes me want to punch things). I haven’t seen dollhouse due to chronic lack of PayTV; I shall amend this one way or another.

  • I love Joss Whedon and three of his shows, but I’m one of those Whedon fans that was truly disappointed by Dollhouse. I stuck through 7 long arduous episodes, before I finally gave up. That’s more than I would give ANY show. But it’s for Whedon that I toughed it out. I do want Joss to succeed, but I don’t want him contributing to spoon-fed mainstream in the likes of shows like this. I don’t care who it is.

  • I was a little disappointed by the first few episodes too, but I’m glad I stuck it out. The last couple have picked up tremulously – which is just further evidence to suggest that networks should keep their noses out of what the creators want to do. As I understand it (and I’m not generically Fox bashing here, unlike in the video!) it was the network who stipulated that the first 6 episodes needed to be stand alone.

    That said, I agree that Dollhouse isn’t — so far — Joss’ strongest work… but, damned if don’t think this show has some serious potential now.

  • I love all of Joss’ stuff, especially Dollhouse. The first few episodes were a bit of a hill to climb, but I actually enjoyed ‘The Target,’ ‘Gray Hour,’ ‘True Believer,’ and the most recent ‘Haunted’ from among the standalone category. The other non-standalone episodes are some the finest things the Jossverse has ever created. I love shows that deliver a mind-boggle and Dollhouse definitely gave me my fix. To those who are less than impressed, think back on season 1 of Buffy; shows take time to get off the ground. Dollhouse has a lot of potential.
    All that being said, apparently I’m one of few who enjoys this show according to the ratings. So I guess if FOX thinks they can’t market the show then it’s up to them if they choose not to renew it. However, I’ve heard (and guest star Felicia Day has apparently tweeted) that FOX isn’t even going to air the thirteenth and final episode of the season. I won’t settle for that kind of nonsense. Something like that would stop me watching FOX entirely.

  • Save our Dollhouse! Eliza is too pretty to be out of work. And, well, that Joss fellow too. ;) Ever since episode 6, the series has really been pushing forward, not just with the actions and the emotional drama but the comedy as well. This is its *FIRST SEASON*. Moreover, we don’t even get a *FULL SEASON* worth of episodes to get into the show. We get *12* — count ’em *12* — episodes. That’s half a season! I don’t expect angels to sing, people to be spontaneously healed, or the Rapture to shed its light down on the Whedonite faithful just after 12 episodes. The show it great, it just needs some more time to keep being great — without Fox nudging and meddling with the episodes like they did on the first *5* of the series.

  • Fully agreed. I must admit that i almost lost the will with the show after the first 3 eps… but I’ve just watched 6-10 back to back and this is shaping up to be great stuff. It would be utterly gutting if this got canned now. FOX please bring this back for a second season. It has OBVIOUS potential to be a real winner.

  • Have to agree with the spirit of all the above comments. A slow starter but, surely, isn’t this what we’ve come to love about Joss’s work? A truly great story can’t be told quickly – its the plot intrigues and intricacies that make Joss one of the great storytellers of television and film. To not air the 13th ep of Dollhouse would be short-sighted and foolish. Its a shame that intelligent TV has to suffer this way – more Pop Idol anyone?

  • Was that a DOOM HOUSE reference? I certainly hope so.

    I was the same as most people for the first 6 episodes, with only the finger-licking-good visuals of Eliza (although somewhat blatant and self-loving at times I must admit) keeping me going.

    The last episode or two that I’ve seen (8 and 9) were pretty damn tasty, with some nice twists.

    In the back of my head I knew Dollhouse would go the way it has in recent episodes, but here I was thinking it would be the same nonsense of the first few episodes for at least the first season, maybe the first two. I now have no idea what the show would morph into if it would run it’s course naturally… seriously… none. That’s kinda cool.

  • I haven’t seen Dollhouse yet…but, OMG that vid just made me wet myself laughing. No really. My pelvic floor ain’t what it used to be.

  • G laughed lots too. Luckily his pelvic floor muscles are in better shape.
    Now he wants me to trawl your archives to see if you’ve reviewed Dollhouse…i think you have…must go look…

  • Wow! People really write a lot here now. What ever happened to the pithy one-liner?
    All I can say is I love the humour he brings in to all his shows, especially Firefly. Loved Firefly.
    Bring back Firefly.

  • @macca – Surely you knew that sooner or later eol would become the repository for all mankind’s knowledge.

    @skewergirl – I’m glad you and G enjoyed the video. Not sure I have much in the way of advice regarding that other problem, although it seems to me that you orta be doing whatever it is that G does to maintain his plumbing in such good order.

  • Uh, I’m.. uh.. going.. now.

  • I love Dollhouse. It’s defferent than the other shows. It’s cool.Plssss Fox keep it!”Put the shoulder to the wheel” :)