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Powers Cosmic: Episode 05

Powers Cosmic: Episode 05 Release Info

As regular visitors (if there actually are any) will have no doubt guessed, the lull in posts last week was the direct result of my focusing on this latest episode of Powers Cosmic. Gladly, I was able to palm some of the more eye straining work (lip-syncing) to Furious for this episode – actually Simon lip-synced (lip-sunk?) his own dialogue (as Furious) and I did mine, the idea of which amuses me more than it should. The end result is that we’ve got a system in place now for sharing that load! Great news for me, not so great for Simon as I’m now more likely to outsource that part of the process to him! Hopefully it will also mean that the turn over time between releases will get a little thinner too.

So, what’s this episode about? Being prepared, that’s what… and no, it has nothing to do with Scouting. It’s about having the basics ready for when the unforeseen occurs. Although, if you’re ready for the unforeseen, it’s probably, technically “foreseen”, by that point.

It should also be mentioned that Marlon Dean (aka CosmicPhoenix) makes a cameo appearance in this one. Chances are I’ll be looking for other random voices from time to time, so be sure to keep an eye on the elroyonline twitter or facebook updates, as that’s probably where I’ll make mention of such things.

Anyway, enjoy the episode. If you’re enjoying the series please pass it on to like minded others! And, as always, feedback is welcome.

~ elroy

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    I think I’d rather my 12 gauge over the axe.

  • bahaha timely! I just watched I Am Legend. And your list of essentials is good, but it’s missing Basic Horticultural Skills. What are you going to eat when all the tins of Spam finally run out?

    My only other suggestion would be never again saying you and Furious are sharing the load.

  • @BuzzMoo: HAHAHA – Top work turning that into something homoerotic dude.

    You’re right about the horticultural skills – but I guess that’s another use for the shovel (eh! See!)

    @Nefa: Yeah, it’s a given that some kind of firearm is probably going to be on the list of essentials, however the idea was more about household items… ok obviously not YOUR household.

  • yeah totally, its more important just to know where to get a ladder, shovel, rope, torch and axe than actually owning them for yourself.
    Because what if you were not sleeping at your house when it happened? your ladder, shovel, rope, torch and axe would be elsewhere.

  • Statistically, you are LESS likely to need to go trekking about to get those supplies if you have them at your house, than you are if you HAVE to go and get them from another location.

    By that logic you may as well just make your first port of call (after the apocalypse) a hardware store, and just not bother being prepared… and well… not being prepared = Fail!

  • Bah. I’ve seen movies. They don’t eat SPAM when the world ends, they subsist entirely on SMEAT. Apparently, when the apocalypse comes, it’s important to respect trademarks.

  • I always thought a hardware store would be THE best place to hold up. You’ve got everything you need and there’s always a sausage sizzle.

  • I would be so utterly hosed during the apocolypse. I have no survival skills what so ever, and my house is pretty isolated, with lots of trees for zombies and such to hide behind.
    But, worst of all, if it is zombies, and they’re the sort of zombies that change the local wildlife into zombies too, then they’re gonna get the koala’s.
    There’s one just outside my room. Right now. And the sound he was making just a moment ago, was far, far worse than any zombie I’ve heard. Imagine what it would be like, when he’s zombified. :(

  • What EvilTwin said. I had a lengthy discussion on the subject some time ago, and the conclusion we came to for the average joe would be the hardware store.

    A lot of your bigger Bunnings also have cafes, and presuambly foodstores in the back which would be good for a couple days, before you needed to trek out and raid a Woolworths.

  • Seems to me LiquorLand might be the place to make HQ.

  • Surely you’d want guns. And since we don’t live in the US, you generally don’t have guns in your bedside table, or in the rundown house down the street that is full of black and Hispanic dope dealers.

    So it seems to me you’d want to go get some guns from a police station perhaps. Pick up a police car too so you have a siren to scare off zombies (or attract them so you can shoot them). Then you’d go to a hardware store.

    Though IKEA would be good – because they have a big cafe, and plenty of beds and furniture to sleep on or use for entertainment when a hot female survivor finally tracks you down as they always do.

  • The point wasn’t what you’d need AFTER some kind of apocalyptic event, it was what you could do BEFORE hand to feel somewhat prepared.

    Yes, hardware stores and police stations would be early ports of call *after said event*. However I’m pretty sure you’d be frowned upon at both venues if you tried to set up shop, or pilfer their supplies (arms and vehicles), while the current owners are still in business.

    @Curmi – Ikea is one of the few places that already appears to have been taken over by zombies. And if you’re looking for beds… well, wouldn’t there be a whole planet full of unoccupied houses out there? They usually have beds (and furniture) in them too.

  • This is a very profound discussion. Thank god someone is taking this potential threat seriously.

  • P.S. Animation just keeps getting better and better…loving the details, like the clean sweep of the wiper blades on the windscreen. Noice!!

  • Actually, I like this list because the goods described fit into the two basic zombie defense tactics, to wit: run or hide.

    As per 04, this is a debate on par with the other classic debate on military tactics, namely “Why did I join the military?” vs. “Gee, I’m sure glad I didn’t join the military.”

    The goods described could fit into the back of a pickup or even a suitably sized compact car (roof racks), thus fitting into the classic “run” scheme. They would likely enhance short-term term evasion capability, thus allowing for foraging runs to continue with the run strategy.

    Counter this, they also make suitable tools for the classic “hide” strategy, provided you’re already in an area with lots of trees or other elevated hiding places, though it’d likely be better to rig a system of ladders and move from place to place in a small geographic area, like a neighborhood, city or village.

    I personally think the two tactics are both full of so many conditional corollaries that at this point, the run vs. hide debate isn’t tactical, but rather aesthetic.