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Movie: Who the Hell is Green Lantern?

greenlantern-mainGreen Lantern is one of those comic book characters that I’m familiar with but can’t say that I’ve been a huge fan of. That’s not to say that I have some kind of grudge against the guy, he doesn’t owe me money or anything, — not like that tight-arse, Aquaman — it’s just that he’s never found a place in my regular comic book purchases. Having said that, I’ve always loved the idea of a super-powered, intergalactic, police-force. Especially one that goes around handing out team rings, which allow the wearer to totally screw up the day of any evil doer.

Of the various characters to have bore the mantle of Green Lantern I’m most familiar with Hal Jordan, which is great because, as it turns out, the Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) directed Green Lantern movie (set for release in December 2010) is going to focus on Jordan’s version.

Hal Jordan, a US Air Force captain, became a member of the Green Lantern Corps after being ‘summoned’ to the location of a crashed spaceship. In the wreckage Jordan found a dying alien named Abin Sur. Sur was the appointed Green Lantern for the area of space known as Sector 2814 (which includes Earth). Knowing that he would not survive his wounds, Sur had used his ‘power ring’ to search for a suitable successor. The ring chose Jordan because he represented fearlessness and honesty. Sur dies, but in typical comic book fashion goes on to have additional adventures.

Jordan accepted the responsibility and was given the power ring (and its battery… which, not surprisingly, looks like a lantern. A green one actually) and took over as the Green Lantern for Sector 2814.

The Green Lantern power ring grants the wearer almost infinite power and is only limited by the intellect, will power and imagination of the wearer. It has the ability to manipulate electromagnetic energy (gravity, heat, radiation, light) and generate massive blasts of concussive force. Additionally it is believed that the ring is able to tap into forms of other dimensional energy (called ‘magic’ by some, mostly hippies, goths and Harry Potter types though).

With the ring’s abilities a skilled wearer can fly (in the right conditions, faster than the speed of light), become invisible, absorb energy, create any imagined object, phase (pass through solid objects), create telepathic links, and travel through time… Hell, it could probably let you breathe under water too, but to my knowledge all of the ring wearers have had better things to do with their time.

During the late sixties and early seventies Jordan’s Green Lantern teamed up with an ideologically opposed Oliver Quinn (Green Arrow) and the pair took part in some of the most controversial story lines seen in DC publications.

Given that the David S. Goyer written/directed Green Arrow movie, GREEN ARROW: ESCAPE FROM SUPER MAX, is also set for a 2010 release it’s entirely possible that we’ll eventually see this team-up take place on the big screen too. But it’s probably not likely to take shape until the two appear in a Justice League of America movie. Should one ever actually happen that is!

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