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Remote Viewing: Video Log 01

Remote Viewing: Video Log 01 Release Info

It’s been a while since I made a Remote Viewing episode, mainly because they’re a pain in the butt. So this time round I’ve tried something new, and I’m calling it a Remote Viewing Video Log.

The basic idea is that I wanted to move away from the whole “show” aspect of the previous Remote Viewing episodes and head towards a more podcasty feel. Something a bit more spontaneous and far less work to produce… which will hopefully give me more time to write and animate new Powers Cosmic episodes.

Anyway, I hope this new format goes down well. Please feel free to let me know what you think.


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    ‘300’ was a pretty crap film, and until now my hatred for Snyder and general lack of interest in comics has kept me from seeing Watchmen. Maybe I’ll go on tightass Tuesday.

    Thanks Mr. Elroy, your my hero.



  • Man Elroy…sounds like you were on at least 13 valiums. The anime sounds interesting (except for the whole anime part.) May need to check out 13 though.

  • Cheers guys… I don’t know about 13 valium Frank (can I call you Punisher?) but I’ve cut back on my caffeine intake lately, and I was going for a more laid back feel with this video… maybe I laid too far back?

    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time would be great to see remade as a live action piece… only darker.

  • I’m currently reading my way through Watchmen before I see it, and man I’m looking forward to it. I didn’t get off on 300 at all…there’s not a single scene that sticks with me (except for the dude kicking the other dude down the hole, but that’s because of the youtube dub “This is CAKETOWN!”

    I like the new format, works just as well as the last.


  • I’ve got the comic/graphic novel here, but I’ll read it after I see the movie, so as the be the only person I know who has done that.