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Epic Win: Watchmen


As much as I enjoy watching, talking and writing about comic book movies, I’ve made an effort of late to avoid the topic here on eol. For no other reason than because everyone seems to be talking about them these days and I don’t want to be yet another voice that adds to the unbearable din, that eventually puts people off the awesome work that’s being done lately (in bringing these graphic novel movies to the big screen)… You know, like when you hear a song too many times and to goes from being great, to grating.

That said, I really want to make a quick post about WATCHMEN, and urge anyone wavering to check it out.

I’ll be honest, Zack Snyder hasn’t impressed me that much. Yeah, I know you 300 fanboys are booing and hissing at the moment, but.. (I’m making that gesture where you twirl your finger in the air, as though to say “whoopty fucking doo”)… However, his work on Watchmen has gained him a gold star! The film is gritty — almost reminiscent of a classic Gene Hackman espionage thriller — and, despite dealing with some extremely over the top characters, it manages to keep relatively grounded. The result is that when you see something spectacular happen it stands in stark contrast to the earthy nature of the rest of the film. Of course, the effect is diminished as the film progresses. I mean, there’s only so many times you can see a floating, glowing, blue, naked dude move stuff with his mind before even the most hard earned realism is a memory. But that’s were the story telling shines.

The script for this film jumps around in time, it tells you bits and pieces. It reveals origins before you meet some characters, and after you meet others. It’s classic noir at points and hard core action at others and all the way great performances, from everyone, keep you right where you should be… on the edge of your seat. At the end of it all you’re left wondering if heroes are really heroes, who did the right thing… who really won, greater good, yada yada

Anyway, I don’t want to babble on for too long… and I don’t want to give the impression that this is a perfect movie either, there are a few pacing issues, which result in a few (tiny really) flat points. One or two of the CGI effects are a little… erm.. off? (No, I’m not talking about Dr Manhattan’s glowing blue todger). But any faults are completely forgivable and utterly outweighed by the fantastic story telling, great action, great characters and stunning cinematography… Oh, and not to forget the bitchin soundtrack.

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    Nice review, I can’t wait to see this movie this weekend.

  • Cheers man. I’m hearing some purists complain about some of the changes from the original graphic novel, but personally I enjoyed the film immensely.

  • Thumbs up from Roger Ebert and Australia’s “At the Movies”.. I guess that’s as glowing recommendation as any. I’ll check it out with Zebo on Tuesday probably.

  • Seems like a timely sort of film to me – Watchmen – from what I understand about the story. I really do wonder about the events of September 11 in New York.

    I’ll have to find a English-spreachen movie theatre in Berlin and give it a go.

    Btw the best thing about comic book movie releases is that I can look forward to an El “on the money, unlike most of the drivel out there, including this comment” roy review!

  • Thanks Rommy. I maintain the attitude that this is my little corner of the internet and I’ll just puke out whatever I want here… if anyone else finds it useful or amusing, then BONUS.

    That’s one thing I really like about the Madman guys too, I can call something crap (in as polite a way possible) and they’re cool with it. I hope that mean that when I say that I think something is good it holds some value.

    Off topic: I’m still not exactly sure what the hell you’re up to at the moment mate! Are you on an extended holiday? Working? Running from the law? You don’t seem to be in any country (let alone, city) for very long at all these days!

  • I’d like to say running from the law, but my lawyer says not to. So yes I’m on a extended holiday – The Romulans World Tour 2009 – but back Sydney-side very soon! …finally some beetroot on my burgers!

  • I really, really enjoyed this. I felt it almost took on too much with all the characters’ respective emotional baggage but I left the cinema feeling pretty damn satisfied. Especially with the goddamn TITTIES!!! Although that scene made me feel a leeeedle awkward. I was in the cinema with 4 fat arse comic-book-guy lookalikes and I felt like I had walkedf in on them watching Butt Sluts 6 or something…

    Aside from that (and totally unrelated to the porn comment), the sound and score were some of the best I’ve heard in a long time. I had many, whats the morgs term? Eargasms?

    Oscar nom for sure for sound.