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Powers Cosmic: Episode 04

Powers Cosmic: Episode 04 Release Info

It’s been a long time coming (and the source of the post slow-down of the last week or so) but the first episode of Powers Cosmic for 2009 is finally here. Despite the fact that this script was written months ago, it’s fallen into line with that other thing that’s been taking up too much of my time lately… Left 4 Dead: A game that reminds us all of the, ever present, threat of a Zombie uprising. What could be worse than the streets filling with the living dead? Perhaps trying to warn your friends about it, and having them not believe you?

This is the longest episode so far, at almost five minutes. Therefore also the largest at 16 meg.


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    Mwah hah hah! My kinda zombie thing. I don’t actually have to see any zombies. I have a weak stomach.

  • Click click BAM!

  • Awesome. Just awesome.

  • :) love it. Has Brett shown you the zombie calendar?

  • Hilarious!

    Furious, can I get free tickets to The Originals? Seriously, I want to go to that movie theatre.

    BTW, Elroy, I hadn’t noticed before but I love near the beginning of your intro the tribute image!

  • @Curmi, I feel the same way actually, if The Original was a real cinema, then it’d probably be the only one I went to!

    @eveyone else, thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

  • @elroy didn’t realise this comment section had turned into Twitter

    @Curmi, sorry, no free tickets, you know how difficult it is to turn a profit in a work place where I don’t actually do any… well, work?

  • @furious: If you have a look back through some older comments, you’ll see that I’ve always used the @ symbol to reply to people in comments… going back to WAY before I had a twitter account (or even before twitter existed),

    With observational skills like yours you’ll be the first to go during the zombie uprising… and the last to know about it.

  • Actually I’m more inclined to see the forest than the trees, so I think I’ll do fine.

  • Heh. Awesome.

    Harvey says “hello elroy” now when we watch these.

  • Yes, well all this is well and good, but was that an ACTUAL crossword question?…

  • Well, it wasn’t ACTUALLY a crossword question, if that’s what you’re asking… but I like to think it could have been. I mean, the clue is legitimate.

    (sorry for the delay macca, my internet is down at the moment and I’ve had to jailbreak my iPhone so that I can use its 3G connection)

  • Sounds more impressive than my black bakalite number with the crank and chrome bell…

    Besides, the delay doesn’t hurt as much as the deafening silence.

  • You had to jailbreak your iphone so you could use it’s 3G connection? Mine worked straight out of the box.

  • It’s been pointed out to me that “Consumerism” is actually 11 letters.

    I responded to it by pointing out that the characters only have 4 fingers.

    I figure everything numerical in the Powers Cosmic Universe is the same as the real universe minus one.

    So it would actually be 29 Across.

  • Actually that would be to the power of 8 (4 fingers per hand)
    So those who dwell in the Powers Cosmic Universe would be the same everything as our ‘alternate’ (how do we know that ours is the REAL universe??) universe except work on a differing mathmatical basis.