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DVD: Robot Chicken Season 03

robot chicken season 03

Like just about everything that falls under the Adult Swim banner, I wouldn’t suggest that you introduce yourself to ROBOT CHICKEN by slapping down your hard earned cash and buying this (or any other) DVD. Instead, my suggestion would be to check out a few episodes first. However, if you’re a fan, and even if you’ve already seen every one of the twenty episodes on this 2 disc set, you won’t be disappointed by this release.

Personally, I find that some of the hardest titles to review are season (or volume) releases of television shows. I find them particularly hard to write if I’ve already reviewed a previous release by the same show, mostly because I seldom have much that is new to say about it. Such is the case with the Season 03 release of Robot Chicken: I love it, but I’ve said that before about these guys.

This release from Robot Chicken is just as smart as it is stupid. The animation constantly impresses me, as does the writers ability to jump from humor which is nostalgia based to topical parodies. But, if you’re a fan, you’d know this already (and probably feel the same way) about the show.

However, as much as I loved seeing these episodes again, they aren’t really the reason to own this release. Much like many of the other Adult Swim titles to be released on DVD — or the Futurama DVD’s for that matter — this offering is packed with special features. It’s as though these guys go out of their way to let their audience know that they appreciate the support, by loading up the DVD releases with everything they can possibly think of. Sure, not every extra will appeal to everyone. The Visual Effects Comparisons for example, they’re only going to appeal to animation nerds, like myself. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

There are the obligatory commentaries, all of which are great fun and usually include some of the guest stars from each particular episode: Katie Sackoff, Stan Lee, Kristin Chenoweth and Donald Faison, to name a few. Another extra is one that I was first introduced to on the Robot Chicken Star Wars Special DVD: Chicken Nuggets. Effectively, this is a video commentary of a particular episode which can be called up by pressing the DVD remote’s ‘action’ button whenever the chicken logo appears on screen. Often these video commentaries — Usually featuring Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, or some of the show’s writers — run substantially longer than the sketches that they interrupt, which means that watching a standard eleven minute episode in this fashion can take considerably longer. It also means that, unlike a standard audio commentary, the subjects can wax lyrical regarding the specific sketch for as long as they like. Four episodes on the Robot Chicken Season 03 DVD feature the Chicken Nuggets option.

Other features include Alternate Audio (mostly unused ad-libbing from studio recording sessions), Deleted Animations, Deleted Scenes, an extremely bloody (or whatever they use to simulate action-figure blood) Gag Reel, Eleven Video Blog installments, and a video tour of the Robot Chicken Studio (hosted by Seth Green).

Oh, and did I mention that you also get twenty episodes of the show? The Robot Chicken guys are in as fine a form as they’ve ever been in season three, and hopefully they’ll be around for quite a few more. There is no question, if you’re a fan of these guys, and even if you’ve already seen every single one of these episodes, the Robot Chicken Season 03 (x2)DVD is absolutely worth adding to your collection. [source]

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