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Despite all the work I do associated with video games I seldom get the time to actually play them. Hell, I don’t even own a current gen’ console and the PC that sits under my desk has hardly seen any use in the two and a bit years that it’s been sitting there (so, by PC standards, it’s completely out of date). However, from time to time a game comes along that pushes all the right buttons. Over a year ago I heard about LEFT4DEAD and it sounded like just the game I’d been waiting for.

Since that first, very early, review I’ve been following the development of the game and was finally able to get my hands on the xBox version for a few minutes at eGames earlier this month. Usually I’m a sucker for owning a box copy of a game (or album or movie), but this time I caved in and bought Left4dead via Valve’s online distribution system… a piece of software which I have some rather one eyed opinions about.

This is one of the few times that all my expectations about a game have been met. For those who’ve not been following the flood of positive reviews about this game, it’s a first-person-shooter which pits four players against an endless tsunami of angry, angry undead. Not only is the game wall to wall action and — completely necessary — gore, but it manages to offer the kind of atmospheric creeps, that’ll quite literally give you nightmares… Like I said, everything I’d been hoping for.

As a spin-off, I’ve had the need to satiate my need for constant information surrounding this game and as a result have build yet another useless site into my arsenal:

Initially was going to be exclusively about Left4dead, but Furious talked me into broadening the site into all things zombie (games, movies and comics) related. And it was good advice (for a change), as the site is now probably your best means of keeping up with any zombie related new… And lets face it, when the uprising begins you’re not going to want to be searching the net for your information, you’ll want it all in one safe place.

Completely off topic: I’ve finally started to dabble in this whole social networking thing. So, if you can’t get enough elroy here at elroyonline, then you can alway follow my daily exploits on twitter!

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    Actually, elroy, the zombies in Left4Dead are not undead, they are in fact very much alive, sometimes mutated, infected people.

    I’m fairly sure if they were dead, then they wouldn’t be able to run so fast. Or have such long tounges.

  • Completely awesome.

    Have you got the PC version of Left 4 Dead? I’ll Steam-friend you – lets hit up some zombies my brothers!!!

  • Played the demo through on Frez’s machine, liked it a lot. Now if only I had a machine that could run it… BTW steam is pretty good now.

  • I wouldn’t say Steam is ‘pretty good’ now… But it certainly is ‘less shit’ than it was.

  • Hey Rommy, what is your Steam ID? we should totally play like we were in the game and then Buzzmoo can tell us how to play.

  • I dont understand that last part but you all should add me too. Hooray, now Zoidberg is the popular one!

  • If you’ll allow me… Buzzmoo, that was Furious attempting to make a reference to a long dead machinima series which contained tutorial elements. It’s been banished from the internet, never to be seen again… ‘cept on Furious’ iPhone apparently.

    Yeah, the idea of doing a Victory4dead series has already been discussed.

  • Victory ’04…
    …Victory 4 Dead …It was meant to be….!!

    Lesson one: How to disturb the Witch and get two of your team mates “accidentally” killed, all the while maintaining your innocence. High five zombie team.

  • ps. I bags being the chick

  • I hate Helicopters