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Powers Cosmic: Episode 03

Powers Cosmic: Episode 03 Release Info

This episode was actually completed last week, but rather than upload it right away it was jammed onto a DVD and, along with all the other existing Powers Cosmic and Remote Viewing episodes, was played repeatedly for the duration of the eGames expo and Digital Lifestyle Show. Talk about getting sick of the sound of your own voice! I can still hear “Hi, I’m elroy” echoing around in my head as I try to get to sleep at night.

The tragic part about this episode is that it is quite literally a transcript of an actual conversation. It wasn’t until the debate started between Furious and I that I realised that so many people have such differing opinions on what it means to be immortal… See if you can’t start an argument amongst your own friends!

I think it’s time now to get back into the swing of writing DVD reviews, so the next animation will probably be an episode of Remote Viewing. However now that Powers Cosmic (in animated form) has been established, I’ll probably try to alternate between a new Powers episodes and new Remote Viewing releases. Or at least, that’s the plan.


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    I reckon this would be my favourite so far, but yeah… Watched it tooooo many times now

  • Loved the comic guys, great work. That music though.. is Furious playing an old game called Omega Race? :O

  • It’s entirely possible that he is Peter. The idea was to find some common or generic 8bit sounds so that it conjured up memories of different games for different people.

    Personally the sounds make me think of Gallaga, and maybe they are from gallaga… maybe not, the truth is that I really don’t know what title the sounds/music is/are from.

    Glad you enjoyed the vid.

  • I like to think that Furious is playing all games from the 80s and early 90s all at once, and not having any luck at all on beating them.

    Because he sucks

  • It’s a paradox!

  • Exactly the words I’d use to describe Powers Cosmic; A Pair of Dorks.

    Wait, what?