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iDEF08: DLS/eGames wrap-up

After three years of being involved with, initially eGames, now iDEF there’s at least one thing that I’ve learnt that I feel I can confidently pass on: If you want to go to an event like iDEF and spend as much time as humanly possible actually at the venue and yet still manage to see virtually nothing of it, then become an organiser or an exhibitor.

I can list most of the exhibitors who attended the show, but I probably could have given you the same list prior to the event. I simply didn’t get to experience much of what was on offer at all. Apart from the one gaming related highlight of the show… Playing LEFT4DEAD in the darkened garbage-bag shed, at the EA stand, at around 8am (when the exhibition center was quiet and still virtually abandoned) and having the crap frightened out of me by the guy running the booth when he dropped a ladder behind me. I’m sure that I shrieked like a little girl and probably ran off like one too… but I had a lot to do and left to get on with it, is the way I’m going to tell it.

For the most part, my time during the opening hours of the show were spent at the elroyonline booth, spamming passers by with flyers, designed to entice them to visit this very site, we handed out around 1300 of the suckers, and hopefully not too many of them are currently clogging up Melbourne’s storm-dranage system. After some initial technical difficulties e also had people signing up for the $250 comp, which will be drawn as soon as I’ve finished dumping all the entries into a database.

From an elroyonline perspective the show was a great success, we promoted the site — particularly Powers Cosmic and Remote Viewing — and introduced just about every person we spoke with to It was great to have Furious and Buzzmoo at the booth with me, not to mention a couple of entertaining visits from Morgs. It was great to catch up with Insane Gazebo, who was a trooper again this year, and to meet Furious’ terminally loopy friend Tegan. But best of all it was really cool to be able to meet new people and introduce them to the site, the videos and such. Sure, most of them will never type the URL on the flyer into their address bar, and may never even end up here by accident. But if the site has made just a couple more new friends, the it was worth the fact that the feeling in my feet disappeared for three days.

Of course, I’m fully aware of what people really want… so here it is Scotty, a bunch of photos of booth-babes (with a few random nerd shots thrown in for good measure):

Also, stay tuned for the new Powers Cosmic episode (that screened all weekend) to appear here on eol within the next couple of days!

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    Holy crap my neck is fat

  • It was a seriously awesome expo! And it was such an honour to be allowed to get involved and help out. One of my biggest highlights was referencing Charlie the unicorn in COD 5. (To the point that someone won one of the competitions with a references we put as the player name.) ;P

    Anyways; we just drove back to Adelaide, it’s past 3am and I’m still buzzing. I can’t wait to do it all again next year! Thanks for the mention too. I like the adjectives. LOL XD

  • I would have said it was awesome, but Elroy couldn’t be fagged mentioning his mate Curmi in this blog. He swung past to visit twice. Not once. Twice.

    Elroy sucks. Almost as much as Wii Music. OMG Nintendo – what have you done…what have you done…

  • Why did no one point out how fat my neck was?

  • Don’t fret Jamie… Your mention is encoded in the post, DaVinci code style:

    The 105th letter of the first paragraph, followed by the 75th letter of the second paragraph, followed by the 163rd letter of the third paragraph, followed by the 600th letter of the fourth paragraph, followed by the 54th letter of the fifth paragraph…

    See, I didn’t forget you at all.

  • Man I wish I had gotten that chicks name (Image 15) she was cute.
    (Sorry for breaking the Mirror’s Edge booth twice, and thanks for the game at the end of the day ^^ )

    Oh I got here from the leaflet you gave out so… SUCCESS! =)

  • You successeded in luring a someone to your site, me. It’s booked marked and will visit it weekly.

  • Clearly Michael, you’re a man of refined tastes and outstanding judgment. Glad to have you aboard!

  • best. marketing. strategy. ever!

  • What, giving away free stuff? Hell yeah. Makes up for those silly tonka toy things :p

  • Wait! Who got tonka toys? Where’s my tonka toy?