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iDEF: DLS and eGames Day 2

I have no justifiable reason for being so, but I’m in so much pain right now that even typing this hurts — like even more than actually reading the stuff that I usually type does. There’s something about being on the floor of an event like the eGames expo or the Digital Lifestyle Show (as an exhibitor or organizer, but not a visitor) that seems to beat you into a state of zombified submission… or it could just be the Geneva convention defying number of times that I’ve now seen each episode of Remote Viewing and Powers Cosmic blasting from that massive plasma screen that I mentioned in my previous post.

I’d love to be able to do a big write up on everything that’s happening on the floor of the expo this year, but the fact is that I really haven’t had a chance to take it all in — despite having been there for 2 days already — What I can say is that this year is most certainly bigger than the previous two years. And if the reaction by companies like Sony, to yesterday’s turn-out, is anything to go by then the show has kicked off to a great start (as far as people through the doors go).

The one thing that is an absolute must for me over the next couple of days, is to make my way over to the EA stand at some point and get my hands on the new Zombie shooter LEFT4DEAD. From what Gazebo tells me it looks to be living up to all the promise that the game has been showing for the last year or so… or however long ago it was that I first heard about the game.

The good part about being on the Digital Lifestyle Show side of the event is that things are much quieter over there, more relaxed too. Where as on the eGames side things are more hectic and visitors are more inclined to hang around and either watch or participate in the gaming. Even the DLS stage area is more subdued than the eGames stage (although Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup did make an appearance yesterday for Nokia on the DLS stage). Of course that comparative subduediness has a lot to do with the fact that the AustraliaGamer guys — Matt and Yug — are rubbing their mojo all over the eGames stage again this year.

On the elroyonline booth side of things, we’ve had a pretty good run of things so far. Most people who’ve dropped by the booth have been fairly complementary about the Powers/Viewing stuff that they’ve watched there. Buzzmoo is drawing quite a bit of attention for his OLPC OX’s too – and rightfully so, they’re awesome little laptops. Of course, what people don’t realize is that we’re just using the laptops as bait… once we have them within flyer spamming rang Furious and I spring into action. We were finding it pretty hard to complete with the Sennheiser booth-babes in the booth next door to us, except in the facial hair section of the competition that is.

I’m promising myself that I’ll actually hit the floor and take some photos and post them up later today (or the wee hours of tomorrow), if only to actually document the fact that we’re really there!

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